Models Photo Gallery

The Model Gallery shows photo's of models made by our members,
Aircraft, AFV, Sci-fi, Cars, Ships and Figures.

To see the models, click on the link below.
For some models this will take you to the Harrow Modelling Society website,
so use the browser back button to return you to the IPMS Barnet website.

  Models by Barnet Club Members   Models by Les Rawlins   Models by Neil Ashby   Models by Larry Curtin
  Models by Vince Blackburn   Models by Ian Taylor   Models by Alan Bottoms   Models by Roger Brown
  Models by Jonathan Burns   Models by Marcus Burns   Models by Andy Ieronymides   Models by Rick Dawson
  1/32 WW2 Aircraft   1/32 Jets   1/48 Scale AFV Models   1/35 Scale AFV Models
  Sci-Fi Models   Models by Daryl Keenan   Models by Graham Dixey   Models by Matt Harris